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Living a Big Life In Your Small Space

Published On: November 12th, 2021Categories: News, The Curb
What are your dreams? Do you want the big house in the suburbs or do you want to travel, pay down debt and have more time to pursue your career while still living with a little luxury? What if you could have all of the benefits of the big house and none of the upkeep? While studios and one bedroom apartments may seem small at first glance, they are increasingly popular with recent graduates, young couples and retirees.

Having a studio or one bedroom apartment with all of the amenities of a modern apartment complex can have more benefits then a single family home. You can have the big space, waterfront view, and a pool. Not only is it often more affordable, but you don’t need to worry about maintenance, service providers, and appointments. Just think about the fact that you would not need a snow shovel! Common spaces like a pool, gym, and other amenities give you space to socialize that don’t require additional membership fees.

Many recent college graduates and retirees prefer a smaller personal space with big amenities because of the cost and time savings. A studio or one bedroom apartment requires less money to furnish, allowing you to focus on your personal style. Following a minimalistic lifestyle gives you the freedom to travel, requires less cleaning, and allows more time to pursue interests. However, fewer possessions in your personal living space doesn’t mean you need to do without them entirely. There are spaces within the apartment complex to rent as you need them. They come in all sizes from large lockers to full rooms and are climate controlled. These spaces fit bicycles, holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, extra supply of toilet paper or that comic book collection you can’t part with.

Moving into your first new apartment or downsizing can mean living a bigger life with your smaller space.