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Pedal Cruise party boat comes to Harbor Point in June

By Jared Weber / Stamford Advocate | March 8, 2023
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STAMFORD — A party boat will be setting sail this summer in Harbor Point.

Pedal Cruise, a company started by three Connecticut men that expanded last year into Milford, will start offering rides in Stamford at the start of June, according to a press release. Up to 26 people total can tag along for the 90-minute trips, the release said. Twelve passengers at a time can sit at sets of bicycle-like pedals around a central bar surface, while benches provide seating for those who are not pedaling. The pedals aren’t necessary for the boat to run, owner and co-founder Colin Caplan said. A captain and first mate steer the ship and keep its motor running at all times.

The cruise route stays completely in the harbor without venturing past the breakwaters of Long Island Sound, he said. “The exercise is kind of a fun extra, but I think the ultimate experience here is group events, team building, getting together and really celebrating the things we love to do in life,” Caplan said.

Food and drinks are not provided on the boat, but Caplan said passengers can bring beverages — including alcohol — and snacks. “We keep it pretty loose,” Caplan said. “We’re not trying to be anything more than a great leisurely time for families, bachelorette parties, corporate events … this is in addition to what people can actually do to enjoy in the area.”

Caplan, of New Haven, started the company with Christian Bruckhart and Rob Paul, of New Haven and Milford, respectively. They started their business in the Orlando area before bringing a boat to Milford last spring. Caplan said the Harbor Point redevelopment in the South End made Stamford an appealing location to expand further into their home state. “Not only do they have a really great community of residents, but they also have a really well-managed marina,” he said. “Looking at demographics, Stamford, as a city in a region, is really an untapped market for a passenger boat of our breadth.”

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