Published On: April 4th, 2024Categories: BLT News, News

It’s not easy to buy a home in Stamford. Tomo wants to fix that.

Maybe this sounds familiar: You worry about missing out on the perfect home, so you check listings constantly, sifting through hundreds of options, wondering whether there’s a better place that’ll check all your boxes. Or, maybe you finally find the perfect spot, but miss out because you weren’t prepared to make a winning offer. Or, maybe you kick yourself for years because you felt rushed and anxious and offered too much.

It’s no wonder why three out of four home buyers regret their decision. They feel like they spent too much or acted too quickly, and the reality is that a lot of people just don’t get the right place for them.

Stamford-based real estate company,, aims to change that. Co-founded by two former Zillow execs, Tomo started out by offering faster, more convenient mortgages. But they recently set their sights on building a breakthrough home search engine.

“We focused 100% on what a new home buyer might need, from when they’re finding a place to making an offer,” says Tomo CEO and New Canaan resident, Greg Schwartz.

Let’s say you’re moving from NYC, looking for a new home in Connecticut. You might start with the size or the price or a general area, but that still means you’ve got to sift through about 500+ listings in Fairfield County to find the few you really want. By leveraging the new functionality of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and some clever engineering, Tomo now makes it possible to search for things that really matter to you, like a high-end kitchen or views of the water. You can even drop a little emoji if there’s something you’re really hoping for—like a saltwater pool or a roof deck 🙂.

But what makes Tomo really special is its Negotiation Insights feature. In a place like Stamford, where you’re often facing off against seasoned investors, a first-time buyer is at a major disadvantage. The right insight into the home—and the person selling it—can make or break your chances of both winning the place you want and getting it at a great price. So Tomo makes it free and easy for buyers to access the same, publicly accessible data that professionals in the industry use ahead of a negotiation. Getting the seller’s name, mortgage details, and estimated home equity data can help you get a much better idea how much the seller will make after fees and whether they’ll be likely to budge on the price. And, since making sense of all this new data can be a challenge, Tomo also offers everyone professional guidance on how to use it.

So, if you’re in the market for a new home, or just want to get a peek at some of the exceptional new places hitting the market this summer, you might want to check out Tomo.